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Club News

News Update: 11th January 2019.


As we move into 2019, here is a quick look back at 2018.


Unfortunately we lost 2 very dear members in 2018, Jim McLeish and Peter Rowe. Both longstanding members of the club and committee. For their dedication to our club, both were honoured by the membership in the re-naming of our indoor 20/25yd range to the Jim McLeish Range and our newly built range now known as the Peter Rowe Range.


A grand opening was held in the late summer and was well attended by members, Peter and Jim's families as well as our Firearms Liason Officers from Surrey Police. The range was opened to much applause and is testiment to the hardwork put in by all those involved.


The Peter Rowe Range is now in constant use and is proving popular now there is a resurgence in Pistol shooting at the club. With it being floodlit, shooting into the darker evenings is also possible.


HRC attended two of the Kempton Park Small Arms and Militeria shows with a display table and flyers advertising our club which proved most succesful with lots of enquiries about us and what we have to offer.


A change of club Officers occured with Anthony Chesney standing down as Chairman due to work and family commitments and Ian Wilsmer acting as Pro Tempore Chairman until the AGM later in February 2019.


The Committee took the decision to trim the trees overhanging the 100yd/50m firing points as signs of cracking and movment in the branches could have caused an incident should they have fallen and were becoming danagerous.


A difibrilator has been purchased and members of the committee who run the duties have been trained in its use. We hope to never have to use it, but it is there to safeguard the members due to our remote location, and time it would take to get the emergency services on site and through the gate.


Thames Water via their agents, Savilles, have offered us a new lease for the land which after negotiation is looking to be a fair deal and is currently going through checking with the NSRA.


There will be some changes happening in 2019 which we hope will make things a bit easier for new members to intergrate into the club and also to satisfy our obligations under the various rules, regulations and laws we have to abide by.


Above all, we wish the members and their families a safe and successful 2019.